Top 10 Locations

Niagara Co. SO, Lockport/NY
2. Cook Co. SO, Chicago/IL
3. Richland Co SO, Columbia/SC
4. Orange Co SO/FL
5. Goodwill, Grand Rapids/MI
6. Grafton Sr. Ctr., MA
7. Tampa PD Distr 2, FL
8. City of Hampton SO, VA
9. Goodwill, Charlotte/MI
10. EDVP, Bellevue/WA

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New Phone Launches Can Help Your Cell Phone Collections!

The new Apple iPhone 3G was released earlier this month and sold over a million phones the first weekend. Sprint recently launched the latest Palm Treo 800w as well. Has your agency received any of those retired phones replaced by the new Apple iPhone 3G or Treo 800w? (more)


Bringing Generations Together Through
High School Environmental Clubs!

The Southern Main Agency on Aging (SMAA) has partnered with Scarborough High School’s Environmental Club of Scarborough (ECOS) to collect cell phones for area senior citizens who can use them to dial 911 in case of an emergency. (more)

Boy Scout Helps Friends of
Blackstone, MA, Council on Aging!

Mr. Mitchel McGonagle from Troop 21 Millville volunteered over eight hours at the Senior Center to earn his “Citizenship in the Community” merit badge. And, he worked on the 911 Cell Phone Bank project. Now Karen Albright, “2008 Heroine for the Town of Uxbridge” and Director at the Senior Center, is trying to get the whole Troop involved.

University Retirees Donate Cell Phones to Benefit Violence Victims and Seniors!

The Eastern Kentucky University Retirees Association (EKURA) donated a large number of cell phones which were taken to Madison County Sheriff Nelson O’Donnell’s Office. Dr. Glen

Kleine, immediate past president of the EKURA, said the donations help the Sheriff’s Office keep up with the increasing demand for cell phones by abused spouses and seniors.

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