911 Cellphone Bank


Partner with local civic clubs in order to extend your reach of donors.
2. If you have a college in your service area ask the Sororities and Fraternities to help collect phones. (Students for Seniors).
3. Enlist help from local Jr. College Criminal Justice Clubs who are looking for this type of experience.
4. Plan an event for Elder Awareness Day 6/23 and make sure you have a collection box.
5. Ask local phone stores to donate their old cell phones and ask them post a notice with a collection box.
6. Provide a Press Release to local TV/radio stations and the newspapers to let them know community support is needed and how easy it is to help.
7. Place collection boxes at local fire departments—they are open 24 hours a day.
8. Link to the Sheriffs’ PSA videos (ask us how)
9. Recruit participation of local businesses as additional drop-off locations.
10. Send in your phones on a consistent basis—at least monthly to keep momentum going and lessen the change of losing them.
11. Urge attendees to bring cell phones to all of your meetings.

Establish a Triad  (for more information on setting up a Triad, contact Terri Hicks 800-424-7827, X301)or senior help center.

13. Contact the Lost & Found at the airport and local bus/train depot and ask to be the regular recipient of all their cell phones.
14. Prepare a “reminder to donate cell phones” half-page envelope stuffer for local utility bill statements.


15. Request support from the local school district.
16. Take advantage of “America Recycles Day” and request cell phone donations from partners and supporters.

Ask for cell phone donations in your radiothons.  These fundraisers are great for raising money from those who have it to spare, but they don’t reach  people unwilling to part with their money.  Everyone can afford to part with a retired cell phone.

18. Use Freecycle – www.freecycle.com.   Put your free listing on this popular site.   Request used cell phone donations; provide drop-off locations and any upcoming events.

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