911 Cellphone Bank
Sheriff Calls Extreme Success for Schuyler County

By Linda Zimmerman

Our own Melisa Erwin received a “Thank You” letter from a sheriff who recently started an Emergency Cell Phone Program in Schuyler County, NY.

According to Sheriff Bill Yessman many seniors walk to different areas in his community, and they have no way to contact anyone if they need assistance. So Sheriff Yessman got the community involved in the 911 Cell Phone Bank Emergency Cell Phone Program.

He said the media was very helpful during the start up phase of his program just a few months ago and Schuyler County residents were also very receptive “because so many...have old cell phones that are just sitting around”. Sheriff Yessman says he even had businesses from surrounding counties mail him their old cell phones.

Sheriff Yessman recently distributed 25 emergency cell phones after a senior citizen apartment complex inquired about the program. He plans on personally meeting with the group and training them on how to use their new cell phones.

Schuyler County has been so receptive that he is now trying to persuade Sheriff Chris Moss in nearby Chemung County to start a program in his county as well.

According to Sheriff Bill Yessman, this “has been an extremely successful program” for his office. Thanks for your support Sheriff Yessman!

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