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Sheriff John Bunnell (retired) is the presenter and co-producer of TV's World's Wildest Police Videos. Heroic and uncompromising, Sheriff Bunnell communicates his message that 'crime doesn't pay' through the medium of genuine police-car video footage.

Here is his 911 Cell Phone Bank Public Service Announcement "Your donation may provide the critical link between law enforcement and someone in trouble". Video

“I want to commend the Southern Maine Agency on Aging, the 911 Cell Phone Bank…. Whoever first proposed the Sense of Security (S.O.S.) Project to provide recycled 911 only cell phone free of charge to older adults who need easy access to 911 in case of emergencies should receive public recognition and applause for initiating this program.” - Senior Stanley Baron comments sent in by Mary Hadlock of the Southern Maine Agency on Aging in Scarborough, ME.

"In this age of rapid communication some of our most vulnerable citizens are unable to communicate to family and friends, let alone emergency authorities. Never take for granted that everyone else has what you have. The phone you donate may save a life. We support this program." - Terrence Jungel, Executive Director, Michigan State Sheriffs’ Association, Lansing, MI.

"It’s [The 911 Cell Phone Bank Program] a very needed program that’s used very often and is a great safety tool for individuals escaping violence.” - Shelly Collins, FamilyTime Crisis and Counseling Center, Humble, Texas."

“We are happy that they [cell phones] will be made available for local victims, and we will recycle extras for donations that will help to further our prevention and awareness efforts. We couldn’t have been successful without your support and help.” - Alissa Black, SLADVC (Salt Lake Area Domestic Violence Coalition), Murray, Utah.

“Two incidents in my past involving a niece and an ex-girlfriend in abusive situations are my personal ties to why I believe the 911 Cell Phone Bank to be such a beneficial and needed service for victims of domestic violence. I am proud and excited to make this worthy organization the focus of The Bethany Group’s Florida and Georgia regions’ public service focus.” - Scott Frazier, Regional Sales and Training Specialist for the Bethany Group, Winter Park, Florida.

“We are proud to be a supporter of the 911 Cell Phone Bank.  This is a more than worthy cause that should be supported nationwide.” - Chief Deputy Billy Jarrell, Hampton County/SC Sheriffs Office.

“When we request emergency phones, they come all boxed up in working condition. The 911 Cell Phone Program has been so successful for us we were even able to furnish a crisis center for victims of abuse using some of these funds. We send all the donated phones to the bank.” - Sue Sauro, Osceola County/FL Sheriffs Office.

“We are pleased to partner with the 911 Cell Phone Bank on such an important community program.  Even if the cell phones we distribute never get used, they give people a real sense of safety and security.” – Linda Astacio, Children’s Advocacy Center of Highlands County, Florida.

“The Senior 911 Cell Phone Program has been a great tool for us to help hundreds of seniors stay safe, but almost as important, to feel safe. It’s a very simple concept and the recipients are all very grateful for this important program.” - Wayne County/MI Sheriff Warren Evans.

“It’s wonderful for the 911 Cell Phone Bank and Kit Carson County to provide this service to crime victims. We are very grateful for this program and to add safety and security for those in need.“ – Tammy Mosness, Kit Carson County Sheriff’s Office, Burlington/CO.

“I am extremely excited about the opportunities this program holds for our community. So many seniors living alone and crime victims will feel so much safer with on of these emergency 911 cell phones.” – Menominee County/MI Sheriff Brett Botbyl.

“The 911 Cell Phone Bank is the Doctor’s Prescription. Please help support this important cause by starting a cell phone collection program that is a true win-win partnership. Don’t wait—remember, it costs you nothing and your donation will help keep others safe.” – Terri Hicks, National Association of Triads, Inc., Washington/DC.

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